The Thomas Tolman Family

Thomas Tolman emigrated from England to America in 1635. Today, there are thousands of descendants of Thomas Tolman living throughout the world. The Thomas Tolman Family Organization, headquartered in Bountiful, Utah, U.S.A., is dedicated to both the ancestors and descendants of this great man. The organization maintains a large database of information regarding this family. Since this is such a large family, this site will continually be updated. For information regarding the Thomas Tolman Family Organization, please contact the organization. The organization's address and telephone number is listed below. If you have questions or comments regarding this specific site, please write to


Tolman Family Histories and Resources:

 The Life History of Judson Tolman: Judson was the son of Nathan Tolman, and brother of Cyrus and Benjamin Tolman. Photo of Judson Tolman. Photo of the Judson's headstone in the Bountiful, Utah Cemetery. Deanne Driscoll also has a Judson Tolman page which can be viewed here.

 The Life History of Sarah Lucretia Holbrook Tolman: Sarah, the daughter of Joseph and Nancy Lampson Holbrook, was the first wife of Judson Tolman. This page is located at the Holbrook Family Web site, and includes a photograph of Sarah. Click here to view our photo of Sarah's headstone in the Bountiful, Utah Cemetery.

 The Life History of Cyrus Tolman (Brother of Judson and Benjamin Hewitt Tolman).

 Brief Life History of Benjamin Hewitt Tolman (Brother of Judson & Cyrus).

 Brief Life History of Sarah Jane Angell Tolman (wife of Benjamin Tolman).

 The Life History of Cyrus Tolman (son of Judson Tolman). A Half Million Mile Buggy Ride: A story about the career of Cyrus Tolman as a mailman. Cyrus Tolman's Death Certificate. Photo of the front of the new headstone for Cyrus and Eliza Tolman in the Bountiful, Utah Cemetery. Photo of the back of the new headstone (listing their children).

 The Life History of Eliza Ann Riley Tolman (wife of Cyrus Tolman, the son of Judson). Eliza Tolman's Funeral Program. Eliza's Death Certificate.

 The Life History of Frederick Tolman (son of Cyrus and Eliza Ann Riley Tolman). A photo of Frederick Tolman. Frederick Tolman's Birth Certificate. Fred and Ella's Marriage Certificate. Milestones of Togetherness (Fred and Ella were featured in the LDS Church News in June 1985).

 The Life History of Ella Sessions Tolman [also includes life sketch from her funeral] (wife of Fred Tolman). A photo of Ella Tolman. Ella Tolman's Birth Certificate.

 Photograph of the headstone of Jaren and Lora Tolman: We took this photo in the Bountiful, Utah Cemetery.

 Tolman Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records: These records are located at

 Tolman Family Genforum: A "bulletin board service" for members of the Tolman Family world wide.

 Thomas Tolman Family Organization: 2937 South Orchard Drive, Bountiful, Utah, 84010, USA, telephone (801) 292-7745. E-mail:

 The Old Thomas Tolman Family Organization Web site: This is one of the old Web sites for the Tolman family. It was created from Arlene Tolman's data. The current site for the family organization is listed above.

 Dennis Yancey's Family History Site: Dennis's site has information about the Tolman, Holbrook, Yancey, Sessions, Wood, Hale, Moss, and other families.

 The Holbrook Family Organization: Visit the Holbrook Family Site for information about the Tolmans and Holbrooks (Judson Tolman's first wife, Sarah Lucretia Holbrook, was the daughter of Joseph Holbrook). Our photo of Joseph Holbrook's headstone in the Bountiful, Utah Cemetery. Nancy Lampson Holbrook's headstone (from Deanne Driscoll).

 Bountiful Memorial Park: This is the Bountiful Cemetery where many Tolmans are buried. The Web site for the cemetery is very useful. It gives contact information, travel directions, the history of the cemetery, maps, and other information about the cemetery. Technically, the cemetery is right down the street from the Tolman Family Home.

 Bountiful's Sister City, Chesterfield, Idaho: Chesterfield was founded by people from Bountiful, Utah, including many Tolmans.

 Chesterfield Foundation: The Chesterfield foundation is working to restore historic Chesterfield to its former glory. Please visit their site and donate to the cause.

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