By Sylvia Flint Adams, daughter

Born 26 December 1875, at Kaysville, Utah, son of John and Martha Jane Brough Flint.

He worked on the farm to help his father. On 10 June 1895, they moved to South Hooper, now called West Point, Utah. They had eleven children, seven girls and four boys.

Father is engaged in farming and feeding cattle, pigs and chickens. Later, Father and his father worked as partnership on the thrasher machine for a number of years. Father would leave home early Monday morning and go by horses and wagon. He would meet his father at the thrasher machine. They would thrash grain all week, and come home Saturday night.

Mother would stay at home to care for the things there. She would cook, wash, iron, bake bread, and churn butter. We had very little money.

In the winter time, Father and the neighbors would go hunting jackrabbits. They would clean them and hang them out to freeze. They were very good eating.

On Sunday the neighbor children would gather at our home to play games. Mother would not let them go home until they had something to eat.

Father is now (1959) 83 years young. He is feeding cattle and pigs now. Father is a member of the High Priest Quorum.

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