Dibble, Philo (Male)

Birth: Dibble, Philo (Male) Date: June 6, 1806 Place: Peru, Berkshire, Massachusetts Alternate Place: Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA

Parents: Dibble, Philo (Male) Father: Dibble, Orator Mother: Pomeroy, Beulah

Death: Dibble, Philo (Male) Date: June 11, 1895 Place: Springville, Utah, UT, USA Alternate Date: June 7, 1895 Buried: Springville Cemetery, Springville, Utah, UT, USA

Marriage Information: Dibble, Philo (Male) Spouse: Kent, Celia Alternate Spouse: Kent, Cecelia Date: October 14, 1829 Place: Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut

Children: Dibble, Philo (Male)

Name: Birthdate: Place:

1. Dibble, Eliza Ann August 18, 1829 Claridon, Geauga, Ohio

2. Dibble, Sidney November 29, 1831 Claridon, Geauga, Ohio

3. Dibble, Emma Celia March 10, 1834 Liberty, Clay, MO

4. Dibble, Philo October 17, 1835 Liberty, Clay, MO

5. Dibble, Philander 1838 Liberty, Clay, MO

Marriage Number 2 Dibble, Philo (Male) Spouse: Dubois, Hannah Ann Date: February 11, 1841 Place: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

Marriage 2 Children:

Name: Birthdate: Place:

1. Dibble, Hannah Ann January 7, 1842

2. Dibble, Loren May 29, 1844

3. Dibble, David Duboise November 30, 1846

Marriage Number 3 Dibble, Philo (Male) Date: 1841

Church Ordinance Data: Dibble, Philo (Male) Baptism Date: October 16, 1830

Baptism Date: October 6, 1830

Ordained Teacher

Temple Ordinance Data: Dibble, Philo (Male) Endowment Date: December 13, 1845 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

Sealed to Parents Date: February 24, 1921

Sealed to Spouse Number 2 Date: January 15, 1846 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

Places of Residence: Dibble, Philo (Male) Granby Connecticut, 1816-27 Kingstreet, Ohio Jackson Co., MO, 1832

Whittmer Settlement, 1833 Caldwell Co. Quincy, Illinois, 1839-1840 Pottowattamie, IA, 1840 Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA, 1840-46

Springville, Utah, UT, USA

Vocations: Dibble, Philo (Male) Farmer

Comments: Dibble, Philo (Male)Philo was a Lieutenant Col. in the Mormon Militia.

Comments: #21. Philo was wounded by mob but miraculously healed.

Comments: #31. Philo was a member of the Nauvoo 4th Ward

Comments: #41. Philo is listed in the Petition in Jackson, Clay, and Caldwell Counties and Haun's Mill.

Comments: #51. Philo was the director of the Co-op Store in Centerville.

Comments: #61. In 1860, Philo had a household of 5, no real wealth and $225 of personal wealth. 2. In 1870, Philo had a household of 5, $250 of real wealth and $600 of personal wealth.

Comments: #71. Philo was the giver of a weapon to Joseph (1805-1844) for self defense at Carthage Jail.

The information is from: "Early LDS Membership" by Susan Easton Black.