The Narrow Neck Proposition, A Sub Theory--Associated with the Unknown Planet Theory, but somewhat removed from its basic premise that the Lost Ten Tribes are now supposedly on a "portion of the earth" that has been "separated, detached or taken away from our globe," and placed on some other "planet, orb, sphere, and or near another star somewhere in the universe," is the "Narrow Neck Proposition." This "proposition" (perhaps better referred to as a kind of "sub-theory" of the main Unknown Planet Theory) states that "attached" to the earth by "a narrow neck of land" are two spheres (invisible or otherwise) which vary in size--one which is connected to the earth "north of the north pole" and the other which is connected to our globe "south of the south pole."

This proposition is based on a drawing which the Prophet Joseph Smith supposedly drew about the year 1842, and which was later secured and preserved by Philo Dibble, of Springville, Utah. Dibble later made a copy of the drawing in 1884 which he then gave to Matthew W. Dalton, a resident of Willard, Utah, who eventually published it in 1906. Dalton states that Dibble informed him the Prophet said that in the drawing (see Figure A) the sphere marked "A" represented the earth, and that the Ten Tribes were on the sphere marked "B". He did not state the purpose for sphere "C", but others have thought it to be the location of the City of Enoch. The following is the history and meaning of the drawing as given by Matthew Dalton.

Now, how was the diagram obtained? The Prophet Joseph Smith drew the original drawing a short time before his death, or in 1842, in the presence of several witnesses. Philo Dibble, of Springville, Utah, was one of these witnesses, and secured the drawing. In the month of May, of the year 1884, he made a copy thereof for me, the diagram herein shown being the result, with the possible exception that the spheres marked B and C were perhaps somewhat smaller than shown herein. At the time the original drawing was made the brethren were discussing the disappearance of the Ten Tribes and wondering where they were, upon which the Prophet made the drawing and stated that the Ten Tribes were located on the sphere marked B.

Some may, and even do, doubt the truth of the diagram of the spheres A and B and C, and even the statement as to how the diagram was obtained. Yet it is nevertheless true. It was drawn in the presence of William and Sarah Beecher and myself in the year 1884 by Philo Dibble, above shown as a resident of Springville, Utah County, Utah. His son, Sidney Dibble, who is now alive and a resident of Springville, went before a notary public and on oath testified that this diagram of A,B and C, was a true facsimile of a

drawing made by his father. His affidavit will appear at the close of this book.

(Taken from the book) "The Lost Tribes", by R. Clayton Bough, pp 51-55.