Hymn 21. L. M.

1 The happy day has rolled on,

The glorious period now has come:

The angel sure has come again

To introduce Messiah’s reign.

2 The gospel trump again is heard,

The truth from darkness has appeared;

The lands which long in darkness lay,

Have now beheld a glorious day.

3 The day by prophets long foretold;

The day which Abram did behold;

The day that saints desired long,

When God his strange work would per-


4 The day when saints again should hear

The voice of Jesus in their ear,

And angels who above do reign,

Come down to converse hold with men.

Taken from A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints compiled by Emma Smith.

Printed by F.G. Williams & Co. Kirtland, Ohio: 1835.

Written by Philo Dibble Sr.

Retyped 28 February 1997 by Mark Sedgwick