The Death of Philo Dibble--An Old Respected Veteran Passed to His Final Rest at Springville This Morning.

Elder Philo Dibble, an aged and respected Utah veteran, died at his home in Springville at 2 O'clock this morning. Elder Dibble had been failing for some time past and was perfectly resigned to his position. He was in the ninetieth year of his age, and had very remarkable career. In his death it is thought the oldest member of the Church has passed from mortality. He was baptized Sep 15th 1830 by Parley P. Pratt. He was wounded by a mob during the troubled times of 1833 in Jackson County, Missouri. He was shot in the abdomen. The ball passed through his body and lodged near the backbone just beneath the skin where it remained up to the time of his death. On May 27th, he was visited by some Elders of the Church and among other things he said at that time: "I know, he said, the Church was established by divine revelation, Joseph Smith being God's Prophet, Seer and Revelator. With him I was familiar and closely associated during his life from 1833 until 1844. When I beheld him as a martyr, shot with four bullets, even unto death; and I now lie here on my death bed with lead in my body at the age of 89, and I shall soon go to meet the martyr, for I now feel that my work here on earth is done, and my desire is that I may soon go in peace where I shall see many others who, like myself, have suffered many tribulations for Christ's sake." His funeral will be held at Springville, from the meeting house on Sunday afternoon next, beginning at 2 O'clock. He lived in Springville until Jun 7, 1895, when he died. He was buried at Springville, Utah.

(Taken from the "Deseret Evening News" Vol. XXVII, SLC, Utah - Friday Jun 7, 1895--5 O'clock edition).

All above information was typed by Ted L. Moody, Rt 2, Box 765, Safford, Arizona - date: 11 Sept. 1984.